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Lesson 1: Introducing Freddie to Preschool through 2nd grade students

Children fall in love with Freddie. On the first day, introduce Freddie as your friend. Share that Freddie loves to come to music class. Interact with Freddie as though you can hear and understand him, even
though the students cannot. (Unless you happen to be puppeteer ventriloquist of course.) Use Freddie to “interrupt” you with ideas and thoughts (concepts) and, through puppet body language, shows his responses. On the first day, Freddie interrupts you to teach a song to the students. He has a song he loves for children to sing.

Hello, Freddie
(to the tune of “Where is Thumbkin?”)

Hello, Freddie
Hello, Freddie
Who are you?
Who are you?
Students:  We are the kindergarten,
We are the kindergarten
How are you?
We are fine.

When the song is finished, pretend Freddie interrupts you and listen to his request.  Freddie wants to tell you a story.  You relay what he said to the class and then kindly, but firmly tell him it will have to wait until the next class.  Have Freddie get excited, disappointed, etc.  The more you interact with Freddie, the more kids love him. Click here to learn more about the Freddie Puppet.

Lesson 2: Introducing the first story, Freddie the Frog and the Thump in the Night

Sing “Hello, Freddie” song to greet Freddie.  Freddie “whispers” to me.  He asks if he can show the students a picture of his home.  Ask the students and then show the students the back cover of the book.  Point to the top grove of trees to show where Freddie and his parents have a tree house.  Then turn to the second page of illustrations.  Take a minute to clarify what a map is and explain that the treble clef staff illustrations are simple maps of the island.  The circle, or note, indicates the location.  Get comfortable, start the CD and turn the pages as the story unfolds.  The story may be told in whole or divided into two sections during two class periods.  At the end of the book, use the last four pages to review the story on the staff.  Click here to learn more about the book, "Freddie the Frog and the Thump in the Night".

Lesson 3: Brief review of six treble clef notes.

Sing “Hello, Freddie” to greet Freddie.  Freddie says he does not think the students remember his story.  Reassure him that they do and ask the students.   Use the flashcards to “show Freddie” that they remember.  It may take a little cueing to transfer the story to the flashcards, but the students understand the correlation quickly. 

Continue to review Freddie’s story with the flashcards in each successive class.  It takes less than 30 seconds once the students understand the correlation.  Once the students feel connected to Freddie, he is a wonderful tool for introducing new concepts, transitions, etc.  Students love to give Freddie a hug as they leave the room.  Of course, Freddie is most comfortable when the students are in a quiet line when exiting! Click here for more information about Flash Card Sets.

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